The Wahington Post – Dec. 14, 2018

From left: Fidel Bafilemba, Ryan Gosling, Chouchou Namegabe and John Prendergast attend the discussion and signing for “Congo Stories: Battling Five Centuries of Exploitation and Greed” at the West Hollywood Library on Monday. (Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images/APA)


Daily Bruin – Dec. 10, 2018

Authors John Prendergest, Chouchou Namegabe and Fidel Bafilemba, alongside photographer Ryan Gosling, discussed their collaborative project at the Fowler Museum: a nonfiction book entitled “Congo Stories.” (Mia Kayser/Daily Bruin staff).


UCLA Newsroom – Dec. 10, 2018

John Prendergast, Chouchou Namegabe, Fidel Bafilemba and Ryan Gosling discussed the new book “Congo Stories: Battling Five Centuries of Exploitation and Greed” in a discussion at UCLA on Dec. 10. (Joshua Rich/UCLA)

TV5 Monde – Dec. 10, 2018

La journaliste Chouchou Namegabe Nabintu… décrit les ravages du conflit inter-ethniques au Sud-Kivu, et le viol comme stratégie de conquête : “Il ne s’agit pas de soldats qui assouvissent leur pulsion sexuelle. C’est autre chose qui se passe. C’est une stratégie militaire pour contrôler la région.”

AFP – Dec. 10, 2018

Le livre ‘Congo Stories’ illustré par Ryan Gosling est “l’histoire d’une résilience inébranlable…et l’expression d’un espoir”, a témoigné l’acteur. “Cet espoir émane de gens comme … Chouchou”, a-t-il ajouté, en référence à la journaliste et défenseure des droits des femmes Chouchou Namegabe, qui a également participé au projet.”

The New York Times – Opinion – Ben Affleck – Dec. 5, 2017

In 2009, the businesswoman and social entrepreneur Whitney Williams and I  founded Eastern Congo Initiative to support community-based leaders and advocate on behalf of the Congolese. Among our first grant recipients was Chouchou Namegabe’s organization AFEM, the first radio station in eastern Congo owned and run by women.


Chouchou is an outspoken Congolese radio journalist.

“We are all self-made reporters and we will not be silenced by the waves of violence. We give voice to victims. We spread a message of hope to people who are displaced by war. We hold armed combatants and officials accountable and we push for peace.”

Journalist Chouchou Namegabe has been reporting for years on the once hidden problem of sexual violence in her native Congo.

Chouchou Namegabe stood before a spellbound audience in the Kneller Athletic Center on Saturday and talked about the rape of her country.

In a society without a word for “rape,” Chouchou Namegabe did the unthinkable—she aired graphic testimonies of rape survivors on the radio. Delphine Minoui profiles one of the world’s bravest journalists.

Namegabe hails from the South Kivu province of the DRC, where she has personally witnessed the systematic rape and violence against her Congolese sisters as an instrument of war.