Who we are

Anzafrika is an American non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, founded in 2018 by Judicaelle Babika, Chouchou Namegabe, and Eric Letellier.

What we do

Anzafrika supports women living in rural areas who are confronted with multiple difficulties and violence. Their educational and work opportunities and their access to social and health services are limited or even non-existent, even though they are not spared by violence, including sexual violence. Helping them sustainably to support their homes (very often single mothers with more than three children) and to have access to care and education for themselves and their children are urgent matters of the first order.

Why do we do itĀ 

Anzafrika believes that African women are not only the solution to local food insecurity, but can also, through smart soil-friendly agricultural practices, optimize the use of water, pesticides and fertilizers, reducing burns and soil erosion, and become the primary protectors of their environment. This increase in agricultural production by rural women is therefore imperative and must be more inclusive and resilient to climate change.

How do we do it

We help rural centralĀ african women become agro-entrepreneurs who combine economic success with sustainable agriculture, through regenerative and restorative agriculture, a sustainable management of land and water use, and renewable energies.

To do this, Anzafrika develops, structures and negotiates long-term partnerships with large industrial groups and local businesses or organizations in order to create a fair and stable market for the production of women farmers, give them access to quality inputs, to agronomic expertise, as well as monitoring and agro-ecological management based on the latest research and innovation. This model of development allows these women to produce more and better, to get out of extreme poverty, and to transform themselves into reliable and resilient entrepreneurs who influence socio-economic change in their region.


Interested in kick starting new initiatives such as clean energy?

Donate for a solar pilot project powering up our literacy campaign for rural women farmers.

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